A complete home inventory gives you peace of mind in case of loss.

Insurance companies will require you to "prove your loss". Be prepared!

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Visgauss Consulting LLC (VCLLC) was started after the principal, Mike Visgauss, spent 37 years in the insurance industry. His experiences include working as an Automobile and Property Adjustor, Commercial Insurance Specialist, Fire Investigator, Personnel Specialist, Claim Superintendent and Insurance Agent. Visgauss Consulting LLC is positioned to assist clients in the preparation and documentation of personal, and business property inventories.

CPCU Certified
ACFE Certified
NICA Certified


Home Fires Per Year


Home Fires Cause 6.7 Billion in Damages Per Year


A Burglary Occurs Every 18 Seconds


There are an average 3.7 Million Burglaries Per Year


Average Amount of Loss Per Burglary

Helping You Be Prepared!

Providing expert property inventory services for your home or business.

Insurance Claims

Fires, Floods, Break-ins... What happens when there is a claim for theft or damage to your property? Can you "prove your loss" to an insurance company?

Tax Audits

Will a tax audit force you to document what you own? What do you need to claim a casualty loss if insurance coverage for your loss is limited?


Congratulations! You've decided to make a big change in life. If you are setting up a "Pre-Nuptial Agreement" you'll need a detailed inventory of your assets.

A Big Move

How do you pursue a claim if property is missing or damaged during a move, or while in storage? Will you have time to do an inventory of everything before you move?

Estate Issues

If you're the Administrator of someone's property, do you have time to inventory everything? You'll need an inventory to easily work with an Executor to distribute assets, estate sales, etc.

Other Life Events

There are so many unexpected events that can happen in our lives. Documenting and keeping track of everything we work hard for can be challenging. We're here to help!

Choose The Right Services For You

We offer a wide array of inventory services that have been packaged to meet your needs.
Basic Plan
  • Minimum of two opposing views of each room
  • Individual shots of each piece of furniture
  • A listing of all furniture in each room
  • Rates based on the size of the assignment
  • Flash drive/Cloud Storage
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Signature Plan
  • All services provided under sic and Advanced plans
  • Makers mark documentation of furniture and collectibles (if accessible)
  • Supporting documentation scanned
  • Appraisal Recommendations
  • Customized to your needs
  • Annual Updates available
  • Flash Drive/Cloud Storage
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Our Process is Quick and Painless

We come to your property, collect and give you the data.

Why you need us

Insurance claims (fires, hurricanes, broken pipes, burglaries), estate evaluations, disaster relief assistance forms, matrimonial issues, tax cases all present situations where it is helpful to establish the existence and condition of personal property. This is not a process to determine the value of your property. Our service involves listing and photographing your property to help document its existence and condition. You may also retain "VCLLC" services for an insurance coverage review.


On-Site Inventory

The Basic level Visgauss Consulting LLC Inventory provides pictures of contents and a listing of furniture. The pictures help identify the smaller items. The premium service packages provide more detail.


Your data

We provide a detailed report of your property and photo files. These records will also be stored off site, and updating may be required. If you have a claim or other contested situation, you will find it better to have an inventory prepared by an independent, experienced third party.



Below you will find links to frequently asked questions, a sample inventory report and supporting documents that further explain our process.

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